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Table For Two

I haven't posted a blog in what feels like ages... it's only been a month but still. When I first started blogging I felt the urge to post constantly and regularly but I just don't feel that urge anymore. At first I started to feel bad but there's honestly nothing to feel bad about. I love blogging and being able to express myself ORGANICALLY and that's what I keep forgetting. From here on out I'm just going to blog when I feel that pull, when I have something that's really on my mind + heart. So where have I been anyway? I've been brainstorming, planning, working, creating, growing.. all of the above. I've been spending less time online and more time being present in my own life + it feels good. I am accomplishing my dreams one step at a time, laying down the blueprint for the future.

There have been many changes and realizations here, there, and every where. Literally nothing feels the same. I recently gave myself a reading using paint and literally everything from that reading is coming to fruition. Its quite the sight to see. I'm currently in the process of letting go of the past and releasing what no longer belongs. Anything that is too heavy to carry has to go. Those feelings of guilt and shame that I've harbored are headed out the door. Exit stage left. It's a long process and despite this being difficult, it's not impossible and I'm making things happen for myself. I'm feeling lighter everyday. What I want and have been dreaming about is in range, I can literally feel it coming into my life. Right now is a time for me to continue to prepare by releasing what I know and allowing it to turn into who I knew. Releasing who I know and them becoming who I knew. It almost feels like I'm having the ground stripped from below my feet but I'm not scared because I have wings and nothing can cause me to fall except for myself. *Look at the confidence.* I stan my own growth and you should stan yours too!

Lessons that I've learned over time:

▪︎ Letting go means more than just saying it. You actually have to let go. Release the grip. Shut the door.

▪︎ I am deserving of a luxurious life full of love, happiness, and wonder.

▪︎ I am more than my past. I allow myself to live and won't do myself the disservice of holding back.

▪︎ Don't shrink yourself to fit into any space. Be yourself fully.

▪︎ Celebrate yourself every step of the way.

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