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The art of letting go is a process that I'm very familiar with. Keeping something or someone in my space that no longer aligns isn't something that I can do any longer + if I try it won't work for long. The more that I try to resist the worse I feel, it's a feeling if being inauthentic + that's unsettling for me. I've learned that resistance to the inevitable just makes everything worse, so I stopped trying because I was ultimately hurting myself by going against what my body was trying to tell me. Always listen to your body!

Ask yourself: Do you have a stomach ache every time that you're around someone or while you're out somewhere specific? Feel drained? Heavy? Have headaches? Those can all be signs of your body trying to tell you exactly what you need to know.

I don't want to make letting go sound so easy, like you can wave a magic wand to get it done because it's not that, not at all. This process was work, it was emotionally taxing work. The process of letting go is literally something being cut out of the reality that I've come to know which comes with a range of emotions and an adjustment period. This is me adjusting to my new day to day life. This has been a long journey and getting to this point wasn't easy but it is so worth it. It has helped me immensely. I've learned not to take things so hard. Not to take shit so personally. Sometimes things fall apart and it's ok. *Life be life-in and humans be human-in.* Everyone is just trying to get by, figure out life, and that will not always include my best interest. That's the truth. That's not my fight to take personally and that's why I've learned to act + move accordingly. According to whatever feels right in my spirit and not based on anyone else.

I've learned to appreciate my experiences for what they were, WHEN they were. I'm so happy and thankful for those experiences regardless of how they came to a close. I decided put those chapters of my life to rest with grace and I've never felt better. 2021 was definitely the year of me humanizing the world + the process of me becoming less of a hard ass. Not being so blamatory and instead holding myself accountable for my own actions + contributions to situations. I've learned to find a lesson is every experience and ever since life has become more purposeful. I finally feel like I'm living in my most authentic truth. I'll be choosing myself for the rest of my life + beyond.

Important lessons I've learned: ▪︎In the past used to think "I can't imagine my life without x, y, z" and I would allow that thought to haunt me so I would just deal with whatever was thrown at me. I do not agree with that rhetoric, by any means. The honest truth is that at some point I couldn't imagine my life with any of it because none of it didn't exist in my reality. Don't hold onto something or someone so hard that you can't see the truth that is right in front of you, probably trying to slap you in the face like it was doing to me.

▪︎Appreciate your time with people in the present, thinking so far into the future isn't guaranteed because you never know what can happen.

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