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30 Before 30: Beginning Again

It's time for another 30 Before 30 post. This series consists of 30 lessons, experiences, and anything else that I've discovered in my almost 30 years of life.

Today on 30 Before 30....

#13. Maintaining my trust in the world and in other people has been such a rollercoaster in my life. I've never been a person that's on guard at all times, but I am one that doesn’t trust easily, not anymore. Looking back to my teen years blows my mind. My ability to trust was something fierce and a bit scary because I was mainly going off vibes and happy times which skewed my rational-ish mind on many occasions. Being overly trusting slowly created a shell around me as I grew to realize that I didn’t want to be like that anymore because it was reckless. These day's I'm redefining what trust means to me and what it feels and looks like. I'm not going to dive into that topic but just know that progress is being made.

#14. I can confidently say that I'm no longer a risk taker and am living in my ultimate truth. I'm a rule follower. I like to go to bed before 10pm. I'm a homebody. Social outings are rare for me. I require a lot of alone time to be able to function properly. Many call me boring and that's fine with me because I'd rather live as my authentic self vs living for the approval of others. I love being "boring," it makes me happy.

#15. I'm done giving people multiple chances. Disrespect is not something that I will overlook. I'm not giving people chance after chance because we're "friends" or "close." I'll address the issue and go from there. I can't control other people and how they behave. Everyone is responsible for their own actions and I'm no longer willing to make excuses for other people. It is what it is.

#16. Buying my first air conditioner was the highlight of my life. I'm a person that enjoys the simple person that enjoys simple things. Food and anything that adds to my comfort is right up my alley. Very Venus rising of me. I get happy over things that other people may consider trivial and that's ok. There are many things that I didn't grow up having and an air conditioner is one of them, so being able to buy my own was a major achievement for me. My inner child is smiling ear to ear over this. I say this to say, allow yourself to enjoy what you enjoy. Don't let someone's disapproval steal your joy.

#17. I've been rescuing animals since I was a small child. I love animals and animals love me. Some people in my life call me an animal whisperer and I agree. I have a gift and I like to use it to help animals in need.

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