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What I learned in October - 2023 Edition

I learned that I need to be a better friend to myself. Putting myself first has always been something that I struggled with because I care about others so deeply, but that's no excuse for me to neglect my own needs, even if it means disappointing the people around me. I'm done trying to make people happy at the expense of my own feelings. I may not express it a lot, but I'm sensitive and it's important that I treat myself with more love and care. I'm the type of person that doesn't express all their feelings because I know how to manage and make sense of them, so often times people don't even know 35% of what I'm experiencing or have experienced. Maybe one day I'll open up more, but I'm honestly happy with the way that I am. From here on out, my purpose is not to put other's happiness and peace before my own. I'm my #1 and I'm now acting like it.

A love that I'm unfamiliar with has been pouring in from all corners of my life. These people have been placed in my life for a reason and I feel it. Many of the people that I'm speaking about are those that I've either met in recent years or within the last few months. I've been praying for my soul family and for those that my guides want in my life for a long time now, and it's beautiful to see them show up in my life. We're all so similar, yet so different. We inspire each other with our words, choices, actions, and the direction that we're growing in. I love how we laugh together and support each other even when it's in the form of a listening ear. I feel safe, appreciated, loved, and heard. I truly love it here. Being surrounded by these people has shown me that I don't have to love less, I was just pouring my love into the wrong places. These have been life lessons that I’ve been happy to learn.

Life doesn't stop for anyone. Everything keeps going and it's either that you keep up or get left behind. Eclipse season and the house fire that I had reminded me of that. It showed me that it was time for me to pick up my feet and get going. No matter how tough life gets, I'm still going to put myself out there and try my best, because tomorrow is never promised, and I am choosing to use my time wisely. I'm not making any more excuses for myself or for other people. I will succeed.

I need to get out of my bubble. I'm determined to travel, see new sights, and maybe even move out of the state that I live in. I'm stepping away from restriction and replacing it with fulfillment, happiness, and adventure. I used to do a lot with a little, but now I'm ready to do a lot with a lot, meaning that I'm going to use all of the tools in my toolbelt to evolve and change my life like never before. Nothing is standing in my way, except for me, and now I'm ready to stop being my own blockage. Cheers to the future.

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