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What I Learned During Mercury Retrograde

#1 Lately, I haven't been feeling pulled or inspired to write. I love writing but I don't like feeling like I'm forcing myself to write. I prefer for things to flow naturally and authentically because that's my way of doing and being. Over the last few months, there have been many things that I wanted to do but didn't. At times I was too hard on myself. I kept thinking "I just need to do it and get it done." The harder I was on myself, the more my body protested and resisted. Re-learning to surrender to the needs of my body was an uphill battle until I finally let go and let flow. I wasn't inspired because I was tired. My body needed rest and I needed to de-stress. I honestly love what I do and love the business that I have built but that doesn't mean that I can push myself to be on "go" mode all the time. I didn't start a business to wear myself down because that will eventually led to burnout and that's what I don't want. Being able to take breaks is a privilege and I'm very thankful for that privilege, especially after years of working 8, 10, 14, and 16 hour shifts. I'm still exhausted from working under extreme and exhausting conditions, and in many ways, it has negatively impacted my mental, emotional, and physical health. Mercury retrograde gave me the opportunity to reflect on my journey: the good, the bad, and the ugly. I was able to put many things to rest, mourn what had been put to rest, and move forward more freely. Mercury retrograde reminded me of the importance of slowing down.

#2 I am more valuable than I realize. I truly am a gift and I'm learning to be more appreciative of myself and accept goodness into my life. Ever since I began to make the switch more abundance has poured into my life. I've been enjoying my life offline and making new memories, all while doing boatloads of healing and self-discovery. Unlocking new parts of myself is a beautiful process and I love myself and my ability to keep going. It's inspirational. I made a promise to myself that I will change the way that I view myself no matter how much work it takes.

#3 Not all past people are bad or unaligned. It is possible to lose connection with good people. Usually during Mercury retrograde I experience past people trying to contact me, find out information about me, or watch me via social media but this time around I was the past person coming back. People that I haven't spoken to in years were suddenly on my mind, so I took action. I reconnected with some great people and I apologized to others. I've never been ashamed to admit my wrongs and apologize, and it honestly feels good to apologize to those that deserve it. It shows how mature I've grown to be and that makes me happy. 

#4 Perfectionist is the thief of joy in my life and I've been learning to embrace my mistakes. I've stopped being so hard on myself and constantly remind myself that making mistakes is a part of everyone's lives. There's so much value that can be found in messing up because it can lead to amazing and transformative lessons. Mercury retrograde was a time of me re-parenting myself and finding the new tools that I need to heal and nurture all parts of myself. Mercury retrograde may not always be the most pleasant but it's always a life altering experience for me and I'm so thankful for that. Interested in watching my video about perfectionism? If you are, click here.

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