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We Are Not Time Travelers

This post is inspired by a vivid dream that I had last night. In my dream I was myself currently, the only change was that I was a time traveler which is a pretty huge change. I traveled back to 2004/2005 back to when I was in middle school, everything was literally picture perfect, just as I remember it. I've had dreams like this before but this one was different because it wasn't focused on the faces that I used to know but instead solely on me and my journey. During the dream I had many opportunities to step in and help my past self but it didn't feel...right. I would be changing the course of events and even in a dream I knew not to play those games (Doc from Back to the Future would be so proud of me!). I ended up just watching things play out and it was refreshing to see my growth from the outside looking in for once. This entire dream screams growth and I love that. Now onto the rest of the post...

"The past is the past." Ever since the planet Venus began it's retrograde I've been hit with a case of the past. Thinking about past themes, situations, people... and I must say that I'm honestly disgusted by it all. I personally prefer to keep the past where it's at but alas there's probably a lesson (or a few) that can be learned from this, so I digress. I'm learning to be less stubborn and more go with the flow and if this is where the flow is taking me then so be it. So far I've learned two important lessons:

▪︎Revisiting the past should not include a long stay. Why? Because it's unnecessary. I lived it once and that's enough for me. I have the present and future to focus on now. ▪︎Thinking about the past does not mean that I have to invite it back in. Absolutely not. No, mam. No, sir.

I've been learning a lot from observing my past actions and way of being. I used to avoid thoughts like this because I assumed it meant that I was inviting that energy right back in and honestly back then I was but not because of my thoughts, it was because I left those doors and windows wide open. No boundaries meant getting stuck in the same cycles again and again. For a few years I felt like I wasn't progressing because I kept running into the same obstacles and landmines but looking back that had more to do with me than anyone else that I would've liked to blame it on. Look at me holding myself accountable. *Once again: the growth!!*

As much as I don't like revisting the past it is important, especially when done with a healthy goal in mind. I'm not here to wallow in my past mistakes or shame the people that used to know, just to learn what I can and release what doesn't belong.

To close this post I'll share what I've been working on releasing during this Venus retrograde:

▪︎Anger + resentment from past experiences.

▪︎Negative thoughts surrounding luxury + spending money. I deserve to live a life of luxury and it's time to stop shying away from that.

▪︎Fear + insecurities in regards to love.

What are you releasing this Venus rx?

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