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Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue...

I love, love. LOVE IT. When I think about love I think of all matters of the heart, not just relationships (platonic + romantic), but also thing's that I truly love to do. Thing's like creating art, writing poetry, creating recipes and bringing my idea's to life in the kitchen. The love that I have for all of the wonderful people that are in my life, and most importantly the love I have for myself. There is love everywhere, and I can feel it, even when I'm in the darkest of spaces I know that love exists, because I exist, and that's all of the proof that I need. Being someone that has gone through so much, love is what really helped me pull through. It gave me the will to keep going, because I wanted to have the honor of experiencing real love within self. I wanted to get to a point where I'd be able to shower myself with affection and sincerity, in the same way that I do for other's, and I have accomplished just that. I am finally at peace within myself and it's really beginning to shine through, almost like a lighthouse. I finally feel like I am truly myself, and it's a beautiful thing. This is my season of stepping into my power and no longer dimming my shine.

Let's talk dating and romance. Now that I'm in this space of knowing myself and what I want, I'm now beginning to attract in like-minded individuals. Prior to this I primarily attracted the same person in different fonts. They all had their differences, of course, but the similarities between them outweighed all of the differences completely. Have you ever felt that you attract in the same type of person? There's probably a reason for that, and in my case there definitely was. I was accustomed to dealing with people that weren't very nice to me, and I dealt with it, because it was engrained into my mind that I had to. This was due to the way I was *raised* during my teen years, and it really shows how a parent's actions, words, and motives can impact their child for life. I was taught to listen, because my voice wasn't needed unless it was for the benefit of someone else, never myself. I was taught to tolerate disrespect and emotional abuse, all while remaining quiet, because speaking up would mean that I was talking back, and that was a problem. What I had to say was never respected and I carried that with me all these years, up until recently when I finally realized the correlation between my upbringing and my more recent experiences. You know what the solution to all of this turned out to be? It was to speak up, and use my voice. If I don't like something, then I do not have to keep quiet. If I don't like a person, and how they speak or treat me, then I don't have to silently deal with it. In fact, I don't have to have those types of people in my life at all, and this goes for all connections, platonic or not. This wasn't an easy point to get to, but it has been so worth it. Now that I'm here I can't wait to see what else, or who else I attract in. I'm truly excited for what is to come.

Final Words:

▪︎Keep at it. Keep working on yourself, and continue to break down blockages in your path. It takes time, but that time spent will be well worth it.

▪︎Do what you love, and do it for yourself. People will always have something to say, but what matters is that you're pouring into yourself. Nurture your heart.

▪︎Life is tricky, and there's nothing wrong with tripping and falling. Mistakes happen, but that's the perfect opportunity to transform that mistake into a something beneficial that will help you progress.

▪︎You don't have to be the *best* at something in order to enjoy it. Have fun with it. It's ok.

▪︎It is never too late to start. Take the first step.

▪︎It is ok to change your mind.

▪︎Compatibility is so important, and goes way deeper than surface level.


▪︎I'm working on posting blogs more frequently, as my will to write returns to me. Maybe 2-3 time's per month as a starter, and I'll see how it goes from there.

▪︎I'm having a giveaway on Instagram (@myvenussoul), and entry is open until Saturday, October 29, 2022. All of the details are on Instagram. The post is pinned.

▪︎Becoming a member of my website grants you access to The Cove + forum tabs, where I post various readings specifically for members.

▪︎All members of my website have access to a discount code posted in The Cove + forum tabs, as well as one free card pull.

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Oct 23, 2022

As a parent and a young adult, I too had to as they say respect my elders. As I matured, I too wondered if the respect is not earn and the elder is wrong ,why do I have to tolerate this imposition. I value young adults opinions, especially when their point of view is correct.😎

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