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Hello, lovely! Remember when I said I was going to post a blog every other week? Ha. I tried but then creative blockages stormed my life and I’ve been in the vortex ever since. I’ve been really busy with adjusting to changes in my personal and professional life, but now I’m back. Will I be back every other week? I don’t have an answer for that yet, but we will see. I hope you enjoy this post.

What signifies the end of a commitment or connection? How do you identify when is enough, enough? These are the types of questions that I like to ask myself, thought provoking questions that will help me to better myself. Around August of last year, I decided to make some important decisions and life changes. I promised myself that I would focus on my health in terms of what I was putting into my body, how I was treating it, and what improvements or adjustments could be made because it was time. My goals were to eat eat healthier meals, start working out and being more active, less alcohol consumption, and less consumption things that weren't doing my body and mind any good, which includes people, places, and things. I’ve been cycling through various aspects of my life and making changes where change was needed. I’ve mentioned this before and I’ll mention again, I do not believe in holding onto something that isn’t meant to be held onto. This means connection (friendship, romance, etc.) in all forms, personal interests, work, etc. Any of those things can negatively affect my health, it’s not only about physical health, gotta factor in emotional, mental, and spiritual health as well. Anything that makes me feel unwell honestly needs to go because it’s not contributing to my life in a positive or helpful manner, it’s usually the exact opposite. When I decided that I was going to live my life intentionally, I meant it and ever since then so much has crumbled away while other things have fallen right into place. The structures that I thought were solid proved that they weren’t. The connections that I had hoped would last forever have shown me that they were seasons and not a lifetime, and that's ok. That's the importance of living in the moment and showing up while you're actually with someone because you never know when that may change.

For me personally, the end of a situation starts with an internal feeling of discomfort, usually anxiety, nausea, lightheadedness, or in extreme cases, a full-blown headache or migraine. I become more irritable when I resist, I begin to feel restricted or suffocated. These feelings will eventually manifest into dreams showing me what I need to see and hear, even if I’m not ready to hear it but as always, I just have to make it work. The end of a situation looks like a bright doorway that is ready to be passed through as soon as I am ready to leave behind what no longer aligns. Over time I’ve learned to identify and listen to these signs and though it’s not the easiest pill to swallow, it’s still what I need to be aware of. Recently I’ve been going through many endings which can be best described as a death and rebirth of self. I feel brand new and that means that it’s time to upgrade the inner parts of myself to match up with this “new me.” I’ve been feeling like a phoenix that has risen from the ashes and I’m loving this energy. This process hasn’t been a walk in the park but it’s something that I know is right in my heart. I’ve finally learned to follow my heart, and “use my smarts.” I’ve overcome a lot and have put a stop to things that I once thought would last forever. That is an accomplishment that no one can take credit for. I did this.

I recently experienced an ending. My Venus Soul no longer offers personal readings, and the booking section has been removed off my website. This wasn’t a decision that was long thought out, I literally woke up, felt what I felt, and then announced it on Instagram a few hours later. It felt like it was time for a change, as much as I love doing personal readings it feels like it’s overshadowing the parts of myself that are ready to shine. I will still be posting collective readings on Instagram and the extended versions will always be posted here on my website, on The Cove. On occasion I may run a reading special for members of my website and for my social media followers because I truly do love what I do. I will be doing more lives on Instagram, and I’m actually going live this Friday. I’ll include information about the event below. All in all, my life is headed in a new direction and everything that I do from now on will reflect that. I’m excited to see where this journey takes me because I know that this path leads somewhere great. When life gives you lemons, make some damn good lemonade, and that's exactly what I'm doing. Cheers!

One extremely important lesson that I’ve learned:

  • I don’t have to stick with something if I don’t want to. I’d rather lose a job, relationship, etc. before I’d ever be willing to lose myself. Losing myself is much harder to recover from and that path is no longer an option.

My Venus Soul Updates:

  • The My Venus Soul online shop is open. New virtual products will be listed on there soon, so check it out. Subscribe to the newsletter and stay up to date with what’s happening on the site. Click here to access the shop.

  • If you like asking yourself thought provoking questions with the goal of self-exploration and understanding, then you will LOVE the pdf in my shop. It is called From The Heart and it is full of journaling prompts, affirmations, and many activities. I spent eight weeks working on it and it’s near and dear to my heart. If you purchase it, then first of all, THANK YOU. I appreciate you. If you’d like to give me feedback on it, then I would adore that. I’m always open to suggestion. Message me here or at

  • I will be hosting a giveaway and will be giving away the PDF to two winners. Stay tuned.

  • The forum aka The Cove has great and insightful readings on it for members eyes only. Becoming a member is free and it only takes a few seconds to join. I’ll be adding a new section onto The Cove next month, you won’t want to miss this!

  • I will being going live on Instagram (@myvenussoul) this Friday, March 17 at 6:30 PM PST/9:30 PM EST with Aly (@alys_casa_de_tarot) and Krystiana (@earthsidemedium). Join us for an evening of laughs, live card pulls, and more. All proceeds from this live event will be donated to an amazing organization, Out Memphis, which is the LGBTQ+ Center for the Mid-South. I’m so happy to be coming together with these lovely ladies and to be doing something so amazing. Can’t wait to see you there!

What do you want to see me write about next?

  • Recovering from addiction

  • Healing my relationship with money

  • New business ventures

  • Something not listed. I'll message it to you.

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