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End of the Year Rewind

We're in the final stretch of 2021, this year literally felt like a race with how fast it flew by. Where'd the time go? Sometimes it can be so hard to keep up with how fast life is moving and that's why I started journaling many years ago. I journal throughout the year (every year) so that I can have something to look back on when the year comes to a close. What events took place this year? How did I feel? What did I truly experience? Whatever pops into my mind goes straight into the journal. Not to say that I don't sometimes have major *brain farts* and have a hard time focusing on what to write, cause I definitely do and it can be extremely frustrating and even discouraging at times. If you're like me and you've experienced this don't rush to give up. Don't start throwing away your journals/notes due to frustration. I created a simple journal prompt (image below) specifically for the end of the year for those of us that have difficulties writing. It's just a few simple questions that help set the stage. Let your mind and thoughts wander while you prepare to write. Don't be afraid to express yourself and show you the real you through your writing!

I'll start off by writing out my responses to each question.

▪︎Proudest moment: When I gained the confidence to put myself first in all aspects of life.

▪︎Favorite memory: The process of learning to do butterfly locs was my favorite memory. I put in a lot of effort towards learning and it's really paying off. For reference me and doing hair did not get along, so this was pretty major for me.

▪︎Most important lesson learned: Being nice to myself means more than I thought it did. I used to hold my tongue a lot because I didn't want to come off as something that I'm not but that's exactly what the result was each time. I was coming off as something that I'm not because I'm meant to speak up and loudly too. I was so focused on what people would think + feel that I wasn't able to really be myself. Now instead of focusing on being so nice to the world I started turning that attention onto myself + I love it here.

▪︎What are you leaving behind in 2021? Outdated ways of thinking, being, and doing. I've grown so much this year and it's time to upgrade the parts of myself that are still a bit stuck in the past.

▪︎What are your goals for 2022? MOVING. Making money moves. Protecting my peace. Creating more art.

Cheers to 2022!

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