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Deep Dive

Hey. It's been awhile. I have been meaning to write a blog for week's, but I have honestly been distracted, or rather, focused on other thing's. Focused on myself, my path, what I want out of life, and these next few steps. This process has required me to be stern with self, because this is not the time for me to slack off. Last month was my birthday and I promised myself that after I had my fun it was time to get down to business, which so far has included brainstorming, planning, and trial and error. The next step is putting my plans into action, but I'm taking my time to get there, because I want to make sure that what I decide on is fitting. Imagine trying to find the perfect form fitting outfit, that's essentially what I'm working towards minus the perfect part. It doesn't have to be perfect, just tailored to me in a way that suits me well.

I've been diving deep into what my next steps are. These next steps will set the pathway towards the future that I want and deserve, so you can probably understand the pressure that this situation can cause at time's. It's not easy, and much of life isn't, but I'm not going to let that stop me. You know what has helped me? Slowing down and breathing. Learning to center and ground myself has made a world of difference. My path isn't the most clear right now and that is scary, but it's also exciting. I don't know what's up next, but I can feel it. Putting my trust in the divine is what is getting me through this. Trusting that thing's will be fine and work out in my favor, because I have already set down a strong foundation that will be able to support what is to come. I have done the work and it's time to recieve, so I need to stop playing small.

From here on out I'm going to be expanding everything that I do. In the word's of the wise Dionne from St. Rose of London, "Think bigger, with your infinite mind and not your human mind", which to me means not allowing myself to limit what I can achieve. Not allowing my doubts and fears to stand in the way of my dreams, even the one's that may seem "impossible". You know who was blocking my path all of this time? It was me. The only person that can hold me back from what I am destined for is me. I hold a lot of power and it's about time that I use it to my beneifit, to progress, rather than to stay stagnant. I saw 555 as I was ending this. Change is definitely here.


I haven't been posting much, anywhere really. My current path takes up a ton of my time and I'm not willing to overextend or overwork myself, instead I've dialed everything back. I need to find a way of doing that work's for me. I don't want to feel like I *have* to post, because that sucks out a lot of the enjoyment of what I do. I will be posting more consistently once I find a rhythm that feels right.

I've dialed back on the amount of online reading clients down to one day, meaning only a few appointments per week. Rather than being so focused on my online presence, I want to invest more into my off-line presence. This website will be gearing away from solely readings and will include even more of what I love to do. I can't wait to show you!

For members of The Cove, I posted a September month ahead reading in the forum. For nonmembers, The Cove is a section where I post readings, guidance, and really anything that comes to mind. Rather than being solely reliant on social media and how faulty it can be I decided to create my own space and it's also completely free. Just a way for me to give back to those that enjoy my readings and content. To join simply sign up to be a member and you will have full access to the forum and The Cove posts.

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