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Below The Surface

You know what I've been thinking about lately? Morality, superiority, and the human experience. What does it mean to be human? How do we operate? Why do we operate the way that we do? I would love to know the why's + how's of it all because it's so fascinating. If you can't tell by now I love psychology + studying how the brain work's. Something I love to ask those around me: "What makes something or someone bad? What about good?" I love to hear all of the answers that I get because they're all so different and that gives me a lot to study and learn from. Everything is based on perception. We all see life through our own special lenses which are molded by our individual experiences + that's exactly what makes them unique. My perception is based around what I've gone through and what I'm learning time and time again is that I can't use that lens to frame the world, I can only use it to frame my world. Why? Because it's not always going to apply or even matter and it's important to understand that. I always say this and I will die on this hill: *I am the center of my world, not the world.* I'm learning not to insert my experiences and opinions into every situation because it's unnecessary and unsolicited. You know who hates unsolicited advice? Me. You know who gives unsolicited advice? Also me but like I said, I'm learning and awareness is key. I started exploring why I do this. Why do I feel the need to advise someone just because they're expressing themselves to me? Why can't I just listen? Is it a sense of superiority? Could be. Maybe I subconsciously feel like *I know best* when in reality that isn't always the case, nor does it matter in many situations. Regardless if I feel that these expressions are coming from a good place, it's not my place for me to assume that someone needs some sort of guidance. It's all about boundaries and respect + that goes two ways.

Something that I've observed throughout life is that we as humans like to put ourselves on pedestals, rising high above the rest, to places that others can't reach, or so we like to think. Almost like we crave superiority, even in the most miniscule of ways. This leads me back to the topic of morality. Does this way of being and thinking make us bad? Are we good? Like I mentioned previously, it's about perception. Every moment of every single day we have a choice to make the decisions that we do. Those decisions can change the course of everything. This is why the human experience is so vast, varying, and ever changing. No human experience will ever be the same.

I titled this post Below The Surface because I had dig through the depths of my being to get to this point of realization, understanding, and self acceptance. I've learned a lot through challenging myself (my way of thinking, being, doing), it's helped me to grow tremendously. Here are some of my favorite lessons that I've learned through my human experience thus far:

▪︎Get used to being wrong a lot. Life is about learning and growing which comes with a ton of mistakes + that's ok! You trip, you fall but you always get back up. ▪︎Don't take things so personally. The world doesn't revolve around you. ▪︎You can't rush the process, so stop trying. Take your time and enjoy the ride. ▪︎I'll always be the villain in someone's story and that's just that. ▪︎Challenging yourself *chefs kiss*

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