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Beauty And The Beast

I'm not going to lie, I started writing this blog in August, and something, so I took a break, and some time to regroup. Now I'm back. This blog was originally going to be about perception, body image, and the weight words can hold, but I want to shift gears from that, because I'm in a different place now. I've grown a lot, especially during this last round of healing and release, in other words, I no longer resonate with how I viewed certain experiences/situations, because I've grown for them. I've also grown from being the impressionable girl I once was, so rather than writing from a place of hurt, I can now write from a place of peace, and acceptance.

Recently I've been thinking about body image, and all of the changes my mind, body, and overall being have gone through. How many times I've "shapeshifted" over the years, and how those changes have led me to where I am today. I'm in a really good place in life. I'm happy, healthy, full of love, and life. This is probably the best I've ever felt in my entire life, and that's my own doing. I love myself, and love being my own best friend. So, what's up next for me? Another "shapeshift". Getting my body right, and not because I feel pressured to do so, or because someone is judging me, but simply because I want to. I recently added working out onto my budding morning routine, which includes stretching + giving thanks, a warm shower + release, tea, breakfast, and setting my intentions for the day. I'm trying to get that done every day, even if it means I have to wake up earlier. This routine isn't foreign to me, as I used to do this daily pre-pandemic, but along the way this routine slowly got lost in the sauce. I've noticed that much of what I'm doing now is a direct reflection of what I was doing 2, 3, 4+ year's ago. It feels like I'm reviving the parts of myself that took a backseat in my life due to other responsibilities, distractions, and some laziness, if I'm being completely honest. This is time where my body is telling me to get thing's in order. Tie up loose ends. Put in hardwork in areas outside of the one's that I've been working on. Literally feels like I'm preparing to take flight, and I'm so excited.

Okay, so... onto why I titled this blog *Beauty and the Beast*. It honestly felt relatable. As humans we all have both within us. There are many parts of myself that I can describe as unfavorable, even ugly, and I don't mean that in a shameful way, but it's the truth. I'm continuously evovling, learning, and unlearning so much, and I have a long way to go, and you know what? That's okay. It's a part of life, and the human experience. I'm learning to love both the beauty, and the beast within me. When I started writing this back in August I was writing from a place of insecurity, because my insecurities from the past hadn't been dealt with how I thought they were. A few situations brought me a few steps back, but from that position I was able to percieve differently, and more clearly. I was suddenly able to realize "Who cares what those people said, or thought about me? What weight does it really hold? None.". Reaching a point where I can even think things like this has been life-altering, and suddenly I feel like I can see. It was important to me that I forgave myself for internalizing the words of others for so long. I also forgave myself for giving those people any type of say, or power over my life. I'm happy to say everything I'm now doing is solely for me, and is coming from a healthy, and supportive place. I'm so thankful.

Lessons I've learned this time around:

-Believe in you!!! Don't wait for someone else to see your light, and certainly don't try to prove your worth to anyone. You are worthy.

-Give thanks to your body. It does so much, and deserves all of the praise in the world.

-Seperating yourself from negativity does the body good.

-Navigating life is a life-long journey. It will never all be figured out, but that's what makes it so exciting.

-Live in the moment, but also with intention.

-I try not to use the term diet, and instead I use lifestyle change. I'm inviting health into all aspects of my life.

-Set healthy and realistic goals. Don't base your standards on social media.


-I'm back to posting more regularly on Instagram, so if you'd like to keep up with my posts there, then follow me @myvenussoul.

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1 Comment

Oct 07, 2022

Beauty is only skin deep, the power of the mind and body is a life time experience.

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