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A Trip Down Memory Lane

As the day's go by, I seem to remember talents that I have and had forgotten about, in this case im talking about writing. Not writing blogs but writing in a way that allows my words to flow free straight from my heart and tell a beautiful story. From pencil to paper, or in this case from brain to phone. I am a person that is talented in many different area's, many that started as a child but became dim over time, and eventually forgotten. My art is a great example. I stopped drawing for almost 10 years, it was a doodle here and a doodle there but never anything major or consistent. Nothing that excited me or caused me to feel passionate or even remember that I could really draw. Same with singing. I've come to the conclusion that I put these crafts down because I wasn't happy, in fact I was broken at the time. I was navigating life's darkest caverns without even a lantern to light my path but that's old news and I mean that in the best of ways. I am not my past, I am my current. I worked damn hard to transform myself into the woman that I am today and nothing can ever take that away from me. This short blog is a message not to hold yourself back. The sky is the limit and in the words of a true visionary: " The limit does not exist."

-Mean Girls

I've included two of my favorite new poems that I've written this month. March has really awakened my inner flame and I'm ready to burn down my doubts and inhibitions. I don't know what I'll create from here on, but I know that it will be something amazing.

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