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A River Of Words

A river of words

The silence of mind

It was mine

Or was it all in my mind?

It gave me peace of mind

And I thought all just fine

But it's fine

I'll be alright

(Written on the spot, cause why not)

I didn't have a specific reason to blog, but it's been awhile and I missed it, so here I am. I haven't been writing as much because my focus has been on other crafts and ventures. Trying my hand at thing's that I shyed away from in the past and coming back harder than ever has been an adventure. It's been a challenge, but definitely rewarding as hell. I've been feeling more inspired and intune with the myself and the world around me. I guess this is just a feel good blog to express my joy and highlight some of accomplishments that were only possible because of my hardwork and dedication.

Lately I've been reignited my passions. Cooking, creating recipes, makeup, filming my funny moments, and just showing myself off more. I'm stepping out of discomfort and shyness, and stepping right onto the main stage. The card "Show the world the real you" from one of my oracle decks comes to mind right now. That's what I'm working on. I want to be more expressive and confident. I want to share my talents and ideals with the world, and that's what I've been working towards. The life of a cardinal Sun never ends. I'm paving my own path and proving myself wrong at every turn. I can do this, and I am doing this. I am succeeding and I am filled with joy.

Life Lessons:

▪︎ Don't ever be ashamed go cheer yourself up. You're your own best friend and it's ok to treat yourself with care. Also, don't be afraid to cheer yourself on!

▪︎ Life really is what you make it. ▪︎ Dwelling on something for too long will drain you immensely.

▪︎ Not everything has to be monetized. Have fun with some things for the sole purpose of having fun. Making everything into a job is a downer.

▪︎ Being anti-new friend's is draining. Learn to be more selective with those that you call friends and always enforce boundaries.

▪︎ Some things require more than one chance.

▪︎ Follow your dreams, even if they only make sense to you.

Some of my recent poems. Check out more on Instagram (@myvenussoul)

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Unknown member
Jun 24, 2022

I love you!

Jun 29, 2022
Replying to

And I love you🖤


Jun 24, 2022

Life is to short to regret what you did not try.

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