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30 Before 30

I’ve been interested in creating a little series called 30 before 30 where I discuss a combination of 30 lessons, observations, and experiences (+ whatever else I think up) that I’ve gone through right before I turn 30. My 30th birthday is this summer and it’s approaching at lightning speed. I’m not going to post them all at once, instead I’ll space them out into various posts leading up until my birthday. If you see a post titled 3B3, then that’s apart of this series. I hope you enjoy it.

#1: It took me until almost 30 to get comfortable with who I am and what I’m capable of, and somehow I feel like I’m still just barely scratching the surface. Before now I’ve always felt like very childlike, like I wasn’t an official adult yet, which makes total sense to me now but it made 0 sense to me back then. The concept that we are supposed to be fully capable adults by the age of 18 is insane to me. I didn’t begin to find my real footing in life until I was around 25/26. There’s so much pressure surrounding getting things *right* the first time or else you’re a failure, and that's just so unrealistic. Life is always going to be a series of trips, falls, and moments where you have to pick yourself back up by the boot straps; that’s not something that you ever age out of. I’ve found peace within my path and within the pace my life. Everything is falling into place exactly at the right time, in fact, it’s perfect timing. To me, getting older has always been cool. I’ve been excited about turning 30 since I was 18 and now that I’m here, I’m getting excited to see where I’m at when I turn 35 or 40. Growing older is a blessing and I’m going to treat it as such.

#2: I’ve gotten really good at accepting people for who they are, rather than trying to paint a picture of them that doesn’t exist. Smoke and mirrors, that’s all it used to be. I often catch myself thinking “Oh, that’s just who they are and they’re not able to reciprocate what I need.” and that helps me to move accordingly. It helps me make rational decisions that help me protect my peace, rather than trying to bend over backwards to make a connection work, when it’s not to work. I can accept someone for who they are but that doesn’t mean that I’m willing to have that person in my space or to be in contact with them. I can love a person from a distance very well.

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